What is the Global Collaborative Network?

The Global Collaborative Network (GCN) actively works to expand the availability of meaningful international public service engagements for Master of Public Administration (MPA) students, assists students in planning and executing an international public service project, and strengthens the international network of public, private, and nonprofit sector partnerships at the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government. 

At the conclusion of their coursework, Hatfield School MPA students complete an “organizational experience” (course PA 509) as a capstone to their academic studies.  During this course, students apply the concepts and theories from their coursework to a project in the community.  Projects make a significant difference to the mission of the agency, organization, or department with which they collaborate and prepare the student for continued public service leadership after they graduate. 

The Global Collaborative Network:

    • Links students to international projects (both for their PA 509 Organizational Experience course and other short term projects) that are currently managed by the global leadership and management specialization faculty, organizes new projects, and assists students in planning and managing their own self-initiated international project based locally or abroad;
    • Supports students in their participation in international projects by communicating about upcoming projects, encouraging students to plan and integrate an overseas project into the beginning of their MPA studies, and assist with individual fundraising efforts to offset the expense of spending an academic quarter overseas;
    • Strengthens the wide-reaching international partnerships of the Hatfield School, its faculty, alumni, and students; and
    • Assists the Hatfield School in developing effective public service leaders with an international perspective.